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My Wayfair Pro Story

How I completed this home remodel utilizing Wayfair professional.

Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to completely renovate a 4300 sq ft home. The catch? It had to be completed in 30 days! With the supply chain issue, I turned to Wayfair Professional to complete a turnkey home in record time.

The client requested a black and white color scheme with a warm modern-scandinavian feel. I used black, white and gray along with different wood tones to accomplish this. The client also had a need for the guest bathroom to be completely renovated to accommodate their elderly mother who is battling cancer. This was done by removing the tub and installing a “no threshold” or “curbless” shower and adding a comfort height toilet and ADA grab bar.

With new flooring, paint; and lighting, furniture and accessories from Wayfair professional, this house was totally transformed into a forever home for my client. You can view the full story at

If you would like to make renovations in your home, I would love to connect with you. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can transform your home today!


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